Day At The Farm

A couple of weeks ago, Paxton and Coppelia’s preschool class had a field trip to a local farm. Clint and I both got to go and we had a great day. The older three boys had their homeschool enrichment so it was fun just being the littles and us.

The day was beautiful and the farm was gorgeous. There were plenty of swings to play on, tractors to climb, and a few different tree houses. After everyone got there the farmer came out and went over the rules of the farm and then we were allowed to wander and explore. We started off feeding the goats. Both kids absolutely loved doing that and I think Coppelia would have spent the entire day just doing that.

After feeding goats we went and fed some sheep, checked out the chickens and ducks, visited the horse, climbed on some hay bales and had a great time exploring. There was a zip line that the kids (and me) road on as well. I think Paxton’s favorite part was an old airplane that had been restored that he got to climb all over.

We finished the day after lunch with a few more rides on the zip line and one more trip back by the airplane. We had a great time and it was a beautiful day!