So We’re Not OK….

Yeah, we’re not doing too good over here. It’s May 21st and I had to send snow pants and boots with Paxton and Coppélia to preschool this morning because it snowed. SNOWED. It’s May 21st. AND IT SNOWED. Their summer break starts on Thursday (the older boys finished up homeschool last week). SUMMER BREAK AND SNOW. Those two things do not go together.

And so I was kind of fed up with the weather (just a little) and decided to do something about it. We had a beach party. We all put on our swimsuits, made a beach in our living room, lit a beachy candle and danced to music from The Beach Boys. After dancing we had a BBQ and drank juice and ate s’mores.

It was all very silly but lots of fun as well. And helped with everyone’s attitudes a bit too. Hoping we see the sun and feel some warmth again soon.