Weekend Coyote Ridge Hike

On Sunday on our way home from church we decided to hike Coyote Ridge. We pass the trail ridge each week and Clint and I have biked/ran it but the kids have never been on the trail. We planned ahead and packed hiking clothes and lunch. The kids were excited and ate their lunches as we pulled out of the church parking lot.

It was a gorgeous Colorado spring day. Everyone wore hats (except me because I forgot mine!) and had sunscreen on. The hike to the top is about 2.2 miles. Along the way we had some deer cross our path and Leighton also had a snake slither along in front of him which made him jump. There is a pretty long steady hill towards the end but the kids dug in and made it to the top.

Of course we had goldfish and fruit leathers at the top and enjoyed the view. It was really nice to just get out and enjoy our time as a family hiking and talking and exploring. Before long we headed down. Clint almost stepped on a huge bull snake but managed to shriek and jump out of the way just in time. The two littles got pretty tired as we neared the van, but it was also their nap time. I’m pretty sure Paxton was asleep by the time we pulled out of the parking lot.

So thankful for this beautiful area that we live in and that we get to call home. God’s creation is amazing and so thankful for the little people (and one big) that I get to explore and enjoy it with.