Happy 6th Birthday Edric!

After a month full of adoption camp fundraiser, marathon, Easter, and ballet we finished the month celebrating Edric turning 6 on Tuesday. We are having his little friend birthday party this weekend but we still celebrated him for his actual birthday.

Edric loves hot dogs and so we had his birthday dinner a few days early on Sunday evening with my parents. He really wanted brownies as well and so that morning before ballet stuff started (we skipped church because everyone was TIRED), he and I made his brownies together. He loved blowing out the candles and he opened a present from Honey and Grandpa as well. Edric loves puzzles and is really good at them, he has done a few 1000 piece puzzles without batting an eye. My parents got him a collection of 8 puzzles ranging from 300 to 1000 pieces and he is already part way through the first 300 piece one. we finished the evening because it was rainy/snowy by playing a dance game in the Wii.

Tuesday morning we had balloons and streamers hanging for him like we do for each of the kids birthdays. He waited patiently until everyone else was up and then opened his gifts from his siblings (some legos) and from Clint and I (roller blades). He loved getting sung too and talked on the phone to my parents and then later in the day to Clint’s parents. He also got a remote control car from Clint’s parents. Coppélia is quite jealous of the remote control car and has been asking non stop when she will get a remote control car….I tell her whenever she stays dry overnight or when she has her birthday, whichever comes first….right now I’m beginning to think August 21st might come first….During lunch I took the 3 big boys to lunch at a little local cafe. I had to remind all of them that they couldn’t just eat the fries but they had to eat the rest of their meal too.

Edric had a great birthday and he is looking forward to celebrating with 2 of his friends on Saturday, they are going to make cupcakes and decorate them and play outside. He has grown so much this past year, finally graduated from speech therapy, is learning how to read, took rock climbing classes which he enjoyed, is figuring out numbers, and has grown leaps and bounds in his emotional stability. Edric loves riding his bike, being outside, puzzles, cooking/baking, and playing with his siblings. It has been a joy to watch him grow. Happy birthday Edric JoonSoo, we love you!