Bolder Boulder 2022

Memorial Day morning found all of us toeing the start line of the 2022 Bolder Boulder. It was held in person for the first time since 2019 and we were ready. Paxton and Coppelia were excited to do their first Bolder Boulder and they jogged/walked it with my parents. Leighton and I started together and worked on his goal of less than an hour. We just barely missed it but I think that was because I had to stop for the bathroom at 4K. Clint and Caedmon and Edric ran it together and had a good time. Leighton and I didn’t stop for any of the goodies/food/snacks/slip-n-slides along the way, it sounds like Clint and the boys stopped and did a number of them. According to my parents Paxton and Coppelia didn’t miss a snack stand at all. They had cupcakes, bacon, Doritos, cotton candy, licorice, fish crackers, gummy fish, every drink station, marshmallows and they did the slip-n-slide as well. We all had a good time though. I met up with my friend Stacy at the end which was super fun and an added bonus to the day. We stayed and cheered on the professional runners and enjoyed and celebrated the tribute to all the soldiers who have fought for our country. That evening we BBQ’d some burgers and while doing that everyone relaxed on the couch and Caedmon red them one of his books. It was so fun to get to do the race in person again and see everyone do so well.