Coppélia-9 Months Home!

Sunday marked Coppélia’s 9 months home. I spent the afternoon in the ER with Caedmon (in a story to come sometime) so I’m a few days late posting this.

She has been making some huge strides with her language. She is slowly beginning to put a couple of words together and while anyone outside of our family would likely have no idea what she is saying 99% of the time, we can usually decipher what she is trying to say. Some days I get super encouraged, and other days I still see the huge mountain that we have to climb. Potty training has been going really well though….especially with a marshmallow or chocolate chip as a reward.

She loves to bake with us. And by backing a I mean make a huge mess and insist that whatever we are putting in the bowl we put in a little bowl for her to stir up as well. She usually ends up covered in some sort of flour mixture mess. But it makes her happy. She likes playing outside as well, all the kids do actually and we’ve had a fairly mild winter which has been helpful.

Daddy is still her favorite right now….and she has him pretty wrapped around her finger. She will throw a fit if anyone else sits in his lap at bed time story or really if he pays anyone else attention. She’s being reminded that mommy can take care of her too and that daddy doesn’t have to do everything for her. Growling is still one of her favorite ways of communicating…today even Paxton told me “Mommy, Jiyun (he still calls her by her Korean name) growl at me”. She growls when she is happy and also when she is mad. I still think she is part baby dinosaur.

Crazy to think it has been 9 months and so excited to see how far she has come. We chose a preschool for next year for her a couple of weeks ago and I am excited to continue to watch her grow and as she finds words to put with her voice I’m excited to learn more about who she is and how she operates.