Paxton-10 Months Home!

Paxton has been home 10 months and a few days (because like usual I am a couple of days behind).


He is small but mighty. He doesn’t seem to understand that he is not as big as Leighton and strongly believes he can do whatever anyone else can do and will set out to prove that he can do it….and usually he is right. He loves playing outside and adores his bigger brothers, especially Caedmon and Leighton. He is actually a momma’s boy and prefers me over Clint…at least right now.

You can never be too safe….

He always has a lot to say and just talks and sings all day long. He is usually generally happy, although for the past week or so he has been rather crabby and easily upset. He is a strong 2 year old and definitely wants things to go his way and wants them to go his way NOW and is quite upset when things don’t fall into place just the way that he wants them too.


He has traditionally been our easy sleeper, but lately (which may contribute to his poor attitude lately) he has had a hard time going to sleep and keeps crawling out of bed or sitting in his bed playing long after bedtime has come and gone. I think he is growing a lot and that is contributing to it all.


It’s hard to believe we are quickly approaching 1 year home, but it is hard to imagine and remember what life was like before this little stout sweet boy entered our family and hearts.