A Boy And Ballet….

Caedmon loves ballet. There is no question about that. Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon he is begging me to leave for his class early so he can get there and watch the big dancers dance. Last week after his boys dance class some of the big dancers were practicing one of the scenes for the upcoming Lion Witch and Wardrobe Ballet that he’s in in April and he just stood transfixed at the window for nearly 15 minutes when I finally gently nudged him out the door so we could go home and eat dinner. He had to write a paragraph last week about what job he wants when he grows up and things that he will have to learn to do that job well and his paragraph was all about being a ballet dancer. He said he’s going to have to lift weights to get strong, and he will have to take lots of classes so he can learn all the steps. His face just lights up when he gets into class or rehearsal. It is so much fun to watch him do something that brings him so much joy. And he is super excited to be a Bee in Narnia with the Lion Witch and Wardrobe.