Prepping For Bees….

This Spring we will have our first bee hive. I have been reading and prepping for over a year for this but this is a new thing for the kids. I ordered some “one size fits most” bee suits for the kids and Clint to wear….I only ordered 3 extra ones because that way a couple can help me at a time without overwhelming the bees (as a family of 7 we are often overwhelming enough to the human people we meet let alone little bees). However the “one size fits most” was quite comical on Paxton compared to Clint…but oh well, we will use clothes pins or something to keep them up. We also had a bee and hive class on Friday afternoon to go over all the parts and to look at photos and to talk through all sorts of things and to answer their questions. It is fun to see the kids as excited as I am!