Bolder Bouldering Along…

Memorial Day 2017 is almost here which means it is almost time for America’s favorite race, the Bolder Boulder. This is the 38th year that the Memorial Day Bolder Boulder has been run through the streets of Boulder, Colorado and it will be my 5th race, and Leighton’s 3rd race. This year he decided that he wants to train and try and finish in the top 15 in his age group and earn a medal.

This year I get the privilege of being one of the Bolder Boulder Bloggers again. As part of the gig I get to try out some gear from the sponsors, specifically this year, Skechers. I got a pair of their women’s GoRun Ride 6 shoes in the mail from them a week ago and have already put a number of miles on them. I typically run trails and are in my trail running shoes but this past week I’ve been on the road in these new shoes and I have to say that I am super impressed. They are comfortable, fit my small feet well, and aren’t too narrow at the toe where many shoes often cramp and crowd my feet.

my shoes and capris….

I also got some Skechers apparal, and while I haven’t tried most of it yet, I am a big fan of the running capri pants that they sent me, called the Bayview Capri, they are very comfortable and have a little added compression which I like when I run. Looking forward to trying out the rest of the gear.

More than that though, I’m excited to be a small part of what has become a huge race. Last year there were over 50,000 runners/joggers/walkers that did the race and there will be more than that this year again. I’ve convinced my brother and his girlfriend to run it, and they are typically not runners. I think that is what helps make the Bolder Boulder so unique, there are super seious runners, and even pro runners from around the world that will be running the race, as well as those that run for fun, and then those just out to have a good time and don’t care how long it takes them as long as they do every slip n slide and hit up all the marshmallow and beer stands along the way. The entertainment along the course is unmatched in any other race I’ve run, and the Memorial Day celebration at the end with the fly overs and para jumpers along with honoring those that have served over the years to help keep our country safe is just a great reminder.

Leighton did his first race when he was just 5 going on 6 and last year took over 20 minutes off his time for his second race. This year he set a goal to get a medal, he only missed it by a few places last year. We had a great plan for training this spring and we’ve done pretty well, but there have been many life changes (adding two kids to our family and moving over the past 6 weeks) so it hasn’t been as smooth as we’d had hope, but we’re getting the miles in. We are both looking forward to the race, and honestly I’ve really enjoyed the miles we’ve run throughout this spring together. I know personally the only chance I will ever have at getting a medal in my age category will be when I’m over 70…but if I can help him and help develop a love and appreciation for running and exercise and fitness as well as a thankfulness for those that have served our country and ensured the freedoms that we share today, then I think I’ve accomplished the foundation of what the Bolder Boulder is all about.