Settling In…Kind Of….

We are getting settled. Slowly. Moving is never easy, but we had an awesome life group that pitched in in the snow storm to load us up and unload everything into our new home. We were overwhelmed with the blessing of everyone’s help.

The past week has been very full and busy and overwhelming at times. I think everyone (maybe not Clint) has had tears and thrown fits at some point in the week. We are slowly getting out of the craziness and unsettledness of everything.

But there have also been sweet times and lots of smiles and laughs. Our new house is beautiful and surrounded by beauty and there is a great play area in the backyard which we have spent many hours on playing. And ultimately if it takes weeks to get some boxes unpacked and get everything in place (and honestly with 5 kids everything will never be in place) but the fun times playing and chasing each other and giggling is really what matters.

The way Coppelia and Paxton handled the move…
Playing tether ball…
Planting a new rose…
outside playing
too much fun….