Paxton-1 Month Home!

Wow! This first month seems to have flown by. But it has been a month since Paxton joined our family! It has been fun to get to know him and discover who this little bundle of energy and joy is. It hasn’t been an easy road and nights are still pretty rough, but all in all we are doing pretty well. Paxton is pretty laid back and easy going….except when he is hungry and he wants food..NOW. Other times he just goes with the flow and adores his big brothers who in turn adore him. He has had to quickly learn the part of being a big brother to a little sister in the last few days and he is figuring that out as well…sometimes the two of them just stand and stare at each other and then proceed to have a conversation in toddler talk that no one can understand except the two of them.

Speaking of talking, this little guy repeats everything. The older boys had been listening to Pete the Cat “I love my white shoes” by Eric Litwin before Paxton came home and walked around the first few days singing “I love my red shoes” which Paxton quickly picked up on and would follow them singing in his little squeaky toddler voice “I love my red shoes”. For Palm Sunday the boys all sang a song and had motions that they preformed in front of the church with the rest of the kids and they practiced so much at home that when they actually did it, Paxton was in my lap singing along and doing the motions with them.

Paxton is full of joy and smiles and giggles. He is ticklish like crazy and loves to be tickled. He smiles almost all the time (minus the times that he wants food NOW). He has a little bounce in his step and just fills each day with joy.

His appetite has grown in the month that he has been home and he is beginning to branch out from just rice and seaweed. He loves to drink milk. He’s also a big fan of Cheerios.

All in all he is adjusting well, there are still occasional night terrors but those are getting less and less. Night time sleeping routines are still a bit off, but they may be for awhile. I know he must miss his foster family and the sweet people that loved and took care of him for the first number of months of his life, and we are so thankful for their love and care for him and how it prepared him to be loved and cared for by us. I’m excited as the days go on to learn and love on this little guy more and more.