And We’re Moving….

Uh yeah….because adding two children to our lives in less than a month hasn’t been stressful enough (throw in 3 trips 1/2 way around the world in 10 weeks just for fun) we decided we should move this week too. Yes we are a bit crazy. Good news is is that the craziness will all be over in a short while and we can settle down and figure this whole thing out.

I realize after I pack a box that I packed it upside down….oops!

We had looked at a house and tried to sell ours in the fall and things just didn’t line up. Looking back it was a huge blessing, although we didn’t necessarily see it that way at the time. We started looking again this spring and found a great place and our house sold very quickly. In fact we sold our house a month ago and have been renting it back this month. And so right now our house is full of boxes and containers and we close on the new house on Friday and move in day is Saturday. Our new house is a bit north of where we are currently at, housing prices were better up there, I’m closer to work and we are super close to my parents which will be handy with 5 little ones. It’ll be a drive for church and some friends but when we sat down and weighed the options it ended up making the most sense, and everything fell into place better than we could have imagined.

And so our craziness will continue for a bit longer, but soon life will return to a semi-normal state (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).