I’m not real good at celebrating Valentines Day each year. Usually I’m a bit overwhelmed by 5 rounds of valentine cards and getting those all signed by the kids and getting them delivered to the preschool or homeschool enrichment program or whatever. And I’m not a big fan of the cheesiness of the day either and feeling like we just came off of Christmas and gifts and celebrations and I’m not real ready to figure out gifts again. My friend Sarah though shared with me what she does each year and I am super excited and jumped on board this year. She cuts out a heart for each of her girls times 14 and then each night hangs a heart with their name on it and a positive word that describes that child. It is a great way to encourage and celebrate each kid and I totally jumped on board. And then I did the math and realized that that was still 70 hearts that I had to cut and fill out. But I’m doing it and the kids are loving their hearts on their doors each morning and it has been sweet to see how they have been cutting out hearts to put on my door and to share with each other as well. I did some funny ones for Clint just to make everyone laugh (ie Clint is stinky etc etc). But it has been a really neat way to celebrate the kids and their uniqueness in a special way that doesn’t feel too over commercialized or cheesey.