Seollal 2021

Seollal is the Korean Lunar Year Celebration and for 2021 it is the celebration of the year of the ox. We celebrated on Friday as a family. We started the morning by chopping 10 pounds of cabbage to make our own homemade kimchi. with 5 people chopping we made quick work of the cabbage. While the cabbage was then soaking in salt water we started our crafts. First we made felt ox which turned out very cute and then we made origami ox. I couldn’t find origami paper at the store so I got large 12×12 scrapbooking paper which was actually perfect for little hands. I had a couple of the kids with me when we picked out the paper and so we picked out paper that we thought each person would like. After our origami then we went back to finish the kimchi. It meant more chopping and then lots of mixing. I only put 1 cup of red pepper flakes in it even though the recipe calls for 2.5 cups because the kids aren’t huge fans of spice. We mixed it all up and the kids were all excited to try it. For a couple of them we ended up having to rinse some of the red pepper off but they all had some with lunch and enjoyed it. After lunch they put on their hanboks and we got photos which was fun and then we finished the day with kimchi pancakes, kimchi rice, and dumplings for dinner. Traditionally rice cake soup is served for Seollal, but we did not have any rice cakes and neither did the local small Asian grocery so we will have to stock up on them in the future. We had a lot of fun and now we have lots of kimchi to eat as well for a number of weeks!