Intro to Seoul-Seoul Tower

So it has been way too long since I started this series on things to do and see in Seoul. Kind of like everything with my blog lately I’ve gotten a little behind. Oh well. As you may recall I am trying to research and plan out some different places to visit in Seoul when we go for court and custody, hopefully sometime late this summer or early fall. I will hold off on posting photos of any of these places and post those once we are actually there.

So today I’m going to explore Seoul Tower. Seoul Tower was built in 1969 and is currently the highest point in Seoul on the top of Mount Namson. It was Korea’s first radio wave tower when it was built and today broadcasts signals for Korean media outlets. It wasn’t opened to the public until 1980 and now attracts more than 8 million visitors a year. There are 3 main parts to the tower, the Lobby, the Plaza and the Tower itself.

There are a number of restaurants, gift shops and observatories at the tower. On the 2nd floor of the Plaza there is a Roof Terrace which holds a fence where thousands of lockets have been hung and it is known as “locks of love”. The tower has a digital observatory that allows 360 degree views of the city as well as an exhibit that shows 600 years of Korean history. The tower also has a wishing pong where people throw coins (that are then collected and donated to develop schools throughout Asia) as symbols of their love.

At night the Tower puts on light shows through the use of LED lights. Many tourists claim that it is their favorite part of their visit. One of the ways to get to the Tower is to ride on cable cars that take one straight up the mountain and provide amazing views of the city as well.

I am looking forward to visiting the Tower when we are there. I am already planning on buying a locket and writing our initials on it and adding it to the thousands already there. I think the cable cars sound like a lot of fun and hoping we can visit in the evening and see some of the lights.

Info for this post taken from a number of different websites on Seoul Tower.