Buck Tank Draw and Birthday Arch Hike

Not far from where we stayed in Northern Arizona just across the border into South Utah was a great little hike that we found. The hike was not easily found as it was just a little pull off the side of the road. We hike up the wash and climbed over rocks and cruised through the canyon. The rocks were red and bold and the sky was a deep blue. It was a great hike, the kids ran up the sand and climbed all over the rocks. About 2 miles into the hike we left the wash and headed to the arch. There wasn’t a formal path, we followed footprints in the same and cairns as we came across them. The arch was super cool and we had a little snack and break there. We then headed back to the wash and farther up it to a little slot canyon which was pretty amazing. We then had the 3 mile hike back down the wash to the car. All in all it was over 3 miles and there were smiles all along the way. The day was gorgeous and we saw no one. And then we headed back to where we were staying and spent the afternoon and evening relaxing in the pool.