Putting in the Garden

And we have a garden. Or at least a very large spot now to plant things in. 3 years ago when we moved in there was a small area with a couple raised beds that for that year and the next I made do. Last year because there was just way too much on my plate I attempted a couple of plants in pots on my porch and that failed pretty miserably. Finally I felt like things are decently under control and the kids are at an age where I could actually have a real garden. So after a whole lot of work on Wednesday I now do. It started on Tuesday with a bunch of dirt being delivered which the kids loved watching. But the real work started early Wednesday morning. My dad and Clint rented a trencher/tiller/mini bucket to spread and till and trench. They ran electricity to the little shed off the garden and then installed open water lines and faucets to both the garden and the bee garden as well. While they were trenching rest of us planted a honeysuckle, weeded the iris path, and did various other things. Once we got the garden tilled and the dirt spread my mom and I started hauling large logs to make a bridge through the middle of the garden. We then used some decorative bricks that we picked up from a neighbor to make a boarder around the garden. The guys (with plenty of help from little hands) got the faucets in and all the wiring done as we planted the strawberries and raspberries. I laid out my plan for where things are going to go and labeled rocks and placed those around. I am really looking forward to getting everything in and seeing how it all comes together.