Coppélia’s Family Day

Tuesday was Coppelia’s Family Day, 3 years ago my mom and I made the very long flight home via a crazy time in customs in Seattle and mad rush to our plane with Coppelia in my arms, home to her waiting big brothers. And we haven’t really stopped since. Because having 4 boys wasn’t quite adventurous enough we added Coppelia to the mix. No one will ever say that she’s quiet and calm, no she adds the spice to life and a lot of it. She’s full on tom boy with a whole lot of sparkle mixed in. And not just mixed in gently, no rather dumped unceremoniously and then spread everywhere…..loudly. Everyone should be prepared, one day this girl is going to take the world by storm, hopefully everyone is wearing helmets and knee pads when she does (and ear plugs) because if not you better just hang on. Coppelia will keep us on our toes at every turn and keep us on our knees praying as well, but she adds a smile to our lips every single day. She spent today searching the dirt piles of our new garden for “snakes” (worms actually but despite correcting her 854 times she continued to call them snakes). And so now out in our new garden we have a whole host of very well loved (and now deaf) worms, all thanks to this special blessing that we get in our lives.