Building The Titanic….

Both Caedmon and Edric have been obsessed with the Titanic this year, even prior to all things 2020 happening. They have read every book about the Titanic that they can get their hands on, we have watched a number of National Geographic videos on the TItanic during our family movie nights, and I have been told more random facts about the Titanic this year than I can count. I have reminded both of them many times that they do know that the Titanic sunk….So as we started to discuss Halloween Costumes this year it only made sense given all things 2020 that we become the Titanic. So we started saving Amazon and various boxes and one Friday night sat down and started working on it. Paxton decided that he would be the iceberg and the rest of us decided we would be drowning passengers. Leighton liked that plan because he could wear his pjs and a robe and pretend that he was woken up suddenly with the sinking boat.

After lots of cutting, and hot glue we began to get parts that started to resemble a boat. Clint had some straps and so we figured out a way to strap it to the boys, with Caedmon being the front 1/2 and Edric being the back 1/2. Coppelia helped with me with the hot glue a bit and Leighton learned how to use an exacto-knife. Paxton mostly just found a way to hid under all the piles of boxes.

A week or so later it was time to spray paint all the pieces. I figured the two littles with spray paint did not sound like a good combo, so I chose to do the spray painting the morning they went to run errands with Clint. The three bigger boys did a good job spray painting. After that it was a lot of detail work to do all the windows and port holes so I did that part. Finally with a lot of hot glue and random supporting pieces of cardboard we were able to get it all stuck together. The Titanic ended up being massive but the kids were super proud of it.

I can’t say that it was the most comfortable thing to wear, Edric did better with it on his back than Caedmon did with it on his front, but they only made it a few houses trick or treating with it on. But they didn’t care. They proudly wore their captain hats the whole way, and Paxton did pretty good with his iceberg although it came off and road in the trailer for a good part of the neighborhood as well. To complete the costume, my brother Chris’ mom sent us a ticket that they got when they went to a Titanic exhibit one year and Leighton carried that with him. Coppelia also wore a life vest. Somehow I forgot to get a photo of Clint who wore his tux with a large top hat to accompany me as a first class passenger. Since Halloween the kids have set up both parts of the ship in the playroom and have been playing legos on it, so its all good. It was a lot of fun to do together as a family but I won’t complain if we do something simpler next year!