Nutcracker Time!

Yes it is a bit early for Nutcracker, but since Caedmon’s ballet company is filming it this year and then streaming it, they have to do all the filming early so that they can do all the editing. Caedmon was cast as a Party Boy this year and as a Soldier. Both those scenes had their filming dates this weekend so Caedmon spent a lot of time dancing and getting filmed. For Party Scene they chose a historic home in town and the majority of it (all of Caedmon’s parts) were done outside in the gardens because of all things COVID. One of the dance moms spent a lot of time making matching masks for each of the costumes that were just beautiful. Clint is volunteering as the backstage photographer and so he was on scene and I wasn’t which was a change for us. Then on Sunday evening the Battle scene was filmed at a local cheese store since the battle is between the mice and the soldiers. I don’t know all that went on during Battle Scene but I did get a shot from Clint at one point of Caedmon on the ground after being slain by the Mouse King and dragged off by one of the big mice. He had fun doing both but they were long days and he was very tired when he came home. Crazy to think that he is already done with Nutcracker and it is only the beginning on November. I am still working on making masks for the flower dance in the second Act and new hairpieces for those dancers as well, and Clint and Leighton are playing guitar and piano for one of the dances in the second act as well and have their recordings for that in the next couple of weeks. I think it will be a very good show, and I appreciate all the work that the director has done to allow our kiddos to keep dancing and performing during this crazy time. If you are interested in getting tickets for the streaming, you can click here.