Winter Garden….

So I’m trying something new this year. I have never had a winter garden, or done any indoor gardening in the winter, but I decided to try this year. Last Wednesday with Coppelia’s help I dug up my thyme and rosemary from my outdoor garden because they were looking pretty spent and planted them in some planters for inside. Clint has been making Kombucha and so the herbs go really well with that. We filled up my seed starter packs with some dirt as well. I had found some indoor grow bulbs at Home Depot so we set those up with a lamp that wasn’t being used. We have become addicted to tomatillo salsa and so in our seed starters we planted various hot peppers and tomatillos. We had a couple extra pots so we added some cilantro seeds and I think we threw some carrot seeds in the other. I have no idea if any of these things will actually grow, but we’ll try and see what happens. New adventures are always fun.