Father’s Day 2019

So in typical fashion this is a couple of weeks late. We finished up Korea Heritage Camp the morning of Father’s Day and had a lunch packed and planned on going on a hike. Unfortunately we didn’t get but less than a minute away from the parking lot and Paxton got very sick to his stomach. Caedmon had been sick before camp and I had been on edge all the way through waiting for it to hit everyone else but everyone else seemed fine….at least until Paxton threw up all over the backseat of the van. So we cancelled our hiking plans and headed back to our cabin. Thankfully our cabin had upholstery cleaner, lysol and a washer/dryer. So instead of hiking that afternoon Clint and I spent the afternoon cleaning out the van and car seats while some of the kids played and some took much needed naps. I apologized to Clint for having to spend Father’s Day that way and he said it kind of goes with the territory. Super thankful for his willingness to serve and love and care for all of us each and every day.

After everyone woke up everyone seemed to be feeling pretty good but we decided to just take it easy and explored and played around our cabin. Their was a horse shoe set which we played versions of horse shoes and swung on the big porch swing. At one point I was inside and the kids were up on the upstairs porch and they called to me and said “Mommy, there’s a big donkey outside”, turns out their “donkey” was a moose which was pretty cool to see him or her just wandering through the forest behind out place. We made it a low key evening and ended up snuggling up and watching the Peanuts movie together and then everyone headed to bed. We were hoping that everyone would be feeling 100% the next morning but that ended up not being so so we packed up a couple of days early and headed home. The stomach bug ended up getting most of us but I think maybe it ended up being Clint’s Father’s Day gift that he never got it. While it wasn’t exactly how we planned or hoped to spend it, we still got some smiles and time together.