Korea Camp 2019

One of our favorite summer activities every June is Korea Heritage Camp. The kids start asking about camp in September. Korea Camp is part of 9 Heritage Camps put on by Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families that focus on making adoption and heritage important. Korea Camp was the first camp that they started 27 years ago and this year there were over 130 families at camp. It’s an entire family camp with camp activities for kids ages 3-seniors in high school and then all sorts of sessions for parents on raising transracial families, adoption trauma, and some fun cultural activities as well. The counselors for the kids are adoptees as well and many are Korean. It is one of the few places we go each year where all the families look like our family. My volunteer role this year was in the village which the kids all visited for 2 hours and got to make Korean crafts, play Korean games, and eat yummy Korean food made by a group of sweet little Korean ladies. My volunteer time coincided with when Paxton and Coppelia’s group as well as Edric’s group came through the village. Every time I turned around Coppelia was up at the food table getting more gimbop. I’m pretty sure that she visited the snack table at least 5 times….although Edric and Paxton made a number of trips as well. There is always a fun carnival on one of the nights and family games on the last morning. It is one of our favorite weekends of the year and this year was no different.