Chasm Lake Hike

Since we had to come home early from our post Korea Camp hiking plans because of the stomach virus and I had not yet gotten sick (yet being the key word there, it hit me a few days after everyone else), I had an extra day off and so I got to share one of my favorite hikes with my friend Amanda. I first hiked Chasm Lake which sits at the base of Longs Peak when I worked at Camp Timberline after my junior year of college and it was one of the first Colorado Hikes I took Clint on when he came to visit the next summer. I have hiked it in mid June in the past but this year has been so whacky with weather this was the most snow I have ever had up there. Amanda has a huge desire to climb Longs Peak and I had to keep her on the path to just go to the base and no all the way up the mountain. It was windy/rainy/sleeting enough that she didn’t need much convincing. And the amount of snow was impressive. We might have actually just slid on our backsides down a huge section because there really was going to be no other way down and we were going to end up sliding anyway so we just went for it at the top. And we might have lost the trail at one point thanks to the snow on the way down. We took a selfie photo of ourselves when we were lost in case anyone found us later….We had a great time, we put in a good 9ish miles and saw some beautiful areas. The sun broke through as we were making our way down and we finally got a good view of the top as we started back towards home. So thankful for this creation and for the beautiful friendship I have with Amanda.