At This Time….

And so I’ve come to realize I have been living in a state of “when such and such happens…then I can feel….” And so on.

“When I know if we are going to be making 2 or 3 or 4 trips to Korea…”

“When Coppelia and Paxton are both home then…”

“When we are able to move into a bigger house then….”

“When I know what those travel dates to Korea will be…”

“When Edric’s speech is caught up to his age level then…”

“When everyone can sleep in underwear all the way through the night and I can put the diapers away…”

“When everyone is big enough to do…”

“When I can get through a Sunday morning at church without chasing kids around and actually have an adult conversation and not just feel like I’m not connected to anyone…”

And the lists and statements could go on and on, and often do. But I can’t live in the when such and such, because their will always be a such and such. And I’m not called or asked to live in that, I’m given today. And in my line of work I have seen how often today is all some people have, our tomorrows aren’t guaranteed.  And I can use my todays worrying about and focused on my tomorrows, or I can use my today to make the tomorrows better. And there are many things that make the tomorrows better, a hug, a phone call or text, a sweet note, focused time on someone, and probably the easiest and most often overlooked is prayer. It doesn’t take much to use my today to make the tomorrows of others better, but it does involved stopping all the “whens and then statements”.