Vaccine #1 x 4….

Wednesday evening just over a week since the vaccine was approved for their age, Caedmon, Edric, Paxton and Coppelia got their first COVID vaccine shot! We had some good friends also signed up to get their vaccine at the same time, so between their 4 and our 4 we took up a good portion of the hallway waiting for the clinic to open. Edric decided he wanted to go first and did great. Caedmon is always brave with shots and didn’t even blink an eye. Coppelia did good, she jerked a little causing a scant amount of bleeding, and as expected Paxton went last and I think was hoping that we would just not notice that he didn’t get a shot. He had tears before we even started and I have learned from prior vaccines how to hold him because he will not stay still. He had quite a few tears, but got through it and I gave him a big hug afterwards as we dried his tears. We waited for our friends in the hallway and then headed over to their house for some celebratory ice cream because nothing really beats getting a vaccine then some ice cream. It was a big step for us, it has been my worry since the beginning of everything 21 months ago that I would make one of the kids sick and so this was a huge step in helping prevent that. I know nothing is 100% and we will continue to wear our masks and support our local hospitals which are all overcrowded and overwhelmed with very sick COVID patients, but we took a big step in keeping our family safe. I know that opinions vary widely, and I can’t walk everyone through my ER and ICU and see the devastation that COVID causes and some time ago the medical community went from being lauded as heroes and helpers to somehow being enemies and advisories which breaks my heart. But despite the mess that everything is, we are a step closer to being protected which definitely deserves ice cream all around.