Thanksgiving 2021….

We started our Thanksgiving 2021 with a local Turkey Trot. Leighton ran on his own, Clint ran with Caedmon and Edric and I ran with Paxton and Coppelia. It was a chilly 20 degrees when we started but we all had fun and all finished within a few minutes of each other. Paxton and I brought up the rear, Coppelia had been running with us, but in effort to get Paxton and Coppelia finish out the last little bit I told them that I would tickle them if I caught them, so Coppelia took off and Clint captured her at the finish line, Paxton was not motivated by the threat of a tickle at all so we finished about a minute later and he still got tickled. The kids insisted on all of us wearing our turkey trot shirts to Thanksgiving lunch so we did. Caedmon was very excited to eat a whole turkey leg and then of course everyone wanted a leg and unfortunately turkey’s only have 2 legs. Everyone enjoyed their food and then it had warmed up considerably so we all headed outside to play and enjoy the sunshine with my parents and brother and sister in law and niece. I had to cut out early to work the 3-11 shift in the ER, but we had a great Thanksgiving and have so much to be thankful for.