Regionals Meet 2021….

Leighton had his Regional Meet on Saturday the 10th. We loaded up super early and packed up the house that we were staying at and got him to his meet just after 7AM. He was super excited but also pretty nervous, he spent a lot of time praying all week long leading up to the meet. It was the first meet of the year that we got to watch in person which was really great. I had packed activity books for the other kids to do which they jumped right into, but after watching the first event the gym opened up a kids area with bouncy castles for a small fee and it was the best investment of the day. The kids ran and jumped and played and had a great time. Leighton’s first event was Pommel Horse and he got his highest score ever of 10.2. We could see his face light up from up where we were sitting. Ultimately he went on to take 2nd place in Pommel overall out of the entire group his age and level from 4 different states which was huge. He didn’t place super high in the other events but improved on all of them. His last event was floor and for the first time he did his round off back handspring on his own. He landed on his knees but he was so proud of himself for doing it, he didn’t care about his score. His coach has been so patient and encouraging to him and we adore Coach Ryan. Leighton has grown a ton this year in the midst of all things COVID and he’s got a lot of skills to grow and improve on for the year to come, but we were all proud of him and thankful to celebrate his hard work.