Antelope Island Hike

Last Friday we drove up to Antelope Island Park near Salt Lake and spend the day exploring the area and hiking. It sits on the Great Salt Lake which Leighton was super excited about because he had just been reading about the Salt Lake in his geography class. We did a 5 mile hike around part of the island which was just gorgeous. We pretty much had the trail to ourselves which allowed the kids to run and play and climb. Coppelia alternated between being a butterfly and yelling “flap flap flap” (for her wings) and using a stick as her trunk for being an elephant. We saw a lizard while we were on the hike and as we got close back to the car there was a heard of bison roaming around. We were able to avoid them, although Clint and Coppelia who were about 50 yards behind the boys and myself had to take a slight detour as one of the bison decided he’d like to walk on the path blocking them. After our hike we headed to the beach area and ate lunch and then went out to splash and play on the edge of the lake. The boys were pretty sure because the lake was huge that it might actually be a sea or an ocean but I told them it was just a lake. It wasn’t all that warm but we had a great time just having a hiking day as a family.