Museum Day

On Friday to celebrate both the end of our first week of school and Coppelia’s birthday we headed to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. And mommy totally messed up. There is a Lego sculpture exhibit right now at the museum and it is free with admission to the museum and I misread the website and thought that we only needed a timed entry pass to the museum and that our timed entry pass into the exhibit was included in that. But it wasn’t….and we didn’t find that out until we tried to enter the Lego exhibit… we spent the morning exploring the rest of the museum which was a lot of fun anyway. Even with masks and social distancing, it went really well. The kids favorite is always the gem and mineral exhibit and it’s always been my favorite too, even when I was a kid and it was different then but still always my favorite. The two other big favorites were the dinosaurs and the escalators….yes my kids are huge fans of escalators…..just wait till we take them back to Korea and travel the subway…we might spend an entire day just riding the escalators in the subway stations in Seoul. So despite my misreading and misunderstanding we still had a great day and finished it off by rolling down the grass hills outside. We are now members of the museum so we will find another time to go and visit and actually see the Lego display.