Friday Adventures….

Last week we worked really hard and got all of our schooling done during the first four days of the week so got to have a little adventure and fun on Friday. We decided to load up our bikes/scooters/roller blades and head to the bike path in Loveland. Edric wanted to roller blade and I told him I would roller blade with him. I use to roller blade on that path all the time in high school. Of course once I got my roller blades on I realized that I had not been on roller blades since before the kids were born….and rollerblading at age 20-something is slightly different than rollerblading when my next birthday puts me in a new decade. I told Clint that if I should start to crash it was his role to jump off his bike and run to stop me and save my life. The kids did have to stop me and I confess that I did walk on the side a few times. At one point Leighton said “mommy you have such a big smile on your face, you must be having so much fun.” I hated to break it to him that it was my face of pure terror, but I guess it’s good to know that my terror face looks happy and like I’m having fun.

We made it to the park and the kids ran for the water features and giggled and had a blast. I peeled the skates off my feet and tried to find my footing on solid ground again. After getting thoroughly soaked we pulled the kids over to do an art project. I had fiver different forms of colors, everything from pastels, to oil crayons, to water color pencils and gave each kid a different set and a piece of paper and let them go to town drawing something in nature that they saw.

After they were all finished with their master pieces we played on the park for a bit and then I bravely strapped the skates back on and we headed back to the van. Going back was a lot easier, I became braver I think and it was just slightly enough up hill that I didn’t feel like I was going to fly off and break everything. We laughed and giggled and had a great time. Thankful for my crazy family and the fun we can have together.