Coppelia is 5!

Coppelia’s birthday was on Friday and we have been hearing about it for months. Between the 5 kids we have a birthday about once a month starting at the end of March and she has been making plans since Caedmon’s birthday in March. Very specific plans at that. All summer long from the library she would put on hold baking books and one of them was a cake decorating book and so she had picked out a cake that was fancier than most wedding cakes as the cake that she wanted. Luckily I was able to convince her to get some cupcakes from a local bakery instead. Her list of what she wanted changed on a daily basis too but was always quite long. We ended up spending the morning at the Denver Museum to celebrate our first week of school and her birthday (more on that in a future post) but on the drive down there she opened her gift from the boys and it was 2 transformers. She was so excited because now she can play transformers with her brothers. On our way home from the museum we picked up the cupcakes, 1/2 were chocolate chip flavored with cookie dough icing, and the other 1/2 were vanilla funfetti with sprinkles. Coppelia used facetime to talk to Clint’s parents and open their gift of a scooter and stuffed animal. She had a long list of requests for her birthday dinner initially but settled on shrimp and hot dogs with fruit salad and corn on the cob. So that’s what we had. She had 1/2 a cupcake of each flavor with her candles in it which she was excited about. After dinner she opened the gift from my parents which were cookbooks and cookie cutters and the a plastic beading set from Clint and I. She had a great birthday and she is quite proud of herself for being 5 now. She has a ton of spunk and she is going to take this world by storm.