O Christmas Tree 2019….

Last Friday found us in the cold picking out our Christmas Tree. We have been going to the same place for the past few years and we returned again this year. It is a family owned business that cuts and clears areas in Colorado and then uses the trees for Christmas Trees. The trees are all Charlie Brown like which is expected, but the family that runs it is always nice and goes out of their way. We knew we were going to need a larger tree this year because we moved where we normally put our tree, so we bundled up and scoured the lot. We finally found one that everyone was happy with and then warmed ourselves by the fire. All the kids wanted to “help” Clint carry the tree out. The owner told us that we had chosen a high alpine pine tree from near Gunnison. The tree was covered in snow and parts were kind of frozen thanks to all the snow we had gotten.

So after we let the tree warm up and all the snow to melt off it for a day, we decorated it. Somehow I didn’t get many photos of the decorating process because everyone was so busy decorating and hanging ornaments. The really nice things with our new location for the tree, we can use the stairs to our advantage with the decorating. In the end the tree was beautifully decorated.