Sugar Plum Tea 2019

On Saturday my mom, Coppelia, and I got to have a girls day. We dropped off goodies for the Sugar Plum Tea, and then did a little Christmas shopping. This year everyone in our family is picking out an ornament that we will wrap up and then unwrap on Christmas eve and put on our tree. So we went shopping for Coppelia to pick out her ornament and because we needed a few things for Christmas decorations. We then went out to lunch together which was fun and then headed to the Sugar Plum Tea Party. Coppelia has been excited about it for months and has asked me a number of times “when I go tea party with mommy and Honey?” (our kids call my mom “Honey”). The Sugar Plum Tea Party is put on by the company that Caedmon dances with. They decorate a beautiful room and serve a very fancy tea with real china and tea cups. And they serve all sorts of yummy treats. They then let everyone take photos with the Sugar Plum Fairy and then do a mini narrated Nutcracker. We had a great time, and ultimately by the end Coppelia had fallen asleep in my mom’s arms. Sometimes tea parties are just too much for little girls.