Running Errands with Toddlers….

It’s about as impossible as it comes. I’m thinking Everest might be an easier task someday. But I only had 3 things to do yesterday and they seemed fairly straight forward and without fail. I packed extra pants and underwear for the toddler who is potty training and extra snacks and figured I was good to go. And then the day and errands actually happened.

Day: Leave house before 9 with 2 youngest feeling like I’ve totally got this

9:15-arrive at the Boulder dance store(2 towns away), to get Caedmon’s tap shoes only to discover they don’t open till 10 because it’s a holiday week. Search map on phone to find safe place to take toddlers to kill time because it’s 15 degrees outside.

9:20-pull into organic bread store. Buy 3 loves of cinnamon bread and let the boys each get a free sample

9:40-take Edric potty, glad he’s getting this potty training thing figured out

9:50-arrive back at dance store. Entertain kids in van for 10 long minutes

10:00-go in and buy tap shoes

10:20-put Edric’s coat back on for the 5th time and pull Caedmon away from the dancer trying on pointe shoes because he’s totally mesmerized.

10:38-realize 1/2 way back to town that I left the bread I bought back at the bread store. Answer 846 times why we are turning back.

10:54-get bread. By the way this means I buckle and unbuckle everyone each time. Joke with bread store owner that at least I didn’t leave a kid.

11:10-arrive at our town library, attempt to take Edric potty again, he’s terrified of the restroom. Give up and head to kids section. Get both little boys settled and go and find chapter books for Leighton (oldest who is home with dad)

11:20-remove Edric from climbing the book shelf for the 3rd time and discover he has wet everything. Get Caedmon and head to the bathroom, Change Edric, forgot socks so he’ll just have to go without, it’s warmed up to 18 degrees at this point.

11:30-check out 6 books for Leighton, give up on toddler books.

11:40-drive to Erie (next town over), and in route answer 487 times why we didn’t play longer at the library and when we can play at the playground next to the library (umm when it’s not covered in snow and warmer than 20 degrees)

11:50-pick up 50 pound bag of wheat from friend. I grind my own wheat and bake my own bread normally.

12:05- arrive home and hide in the bathroom for 5 minutes

Yep that’s how it goes. To add excitement to the day I went for a good 7.5 mile run during their nap time. It was a good run, and then on the last mile I ran into a coyote and ran that mile faster than I’ve run a mile in A LONG TIME. You know, just to keep things interesting because life with toddlers certainly isn’t.

They keep things interesting but add joy to my heart every day!
They keep things interesting but add joy to my heart every day!