Playing Cars….

I have had a number of days off in a row lately and it has been so much fun just relaxing and playing with the kids. The other afternoon Clint had taken Leighton to gymnastics and then had to stop at the grocery store. So then the younger 4 and I got to play cars. In Caedmon and Paxton’s room they had a “fixer up shop” where all the cars were parked so we would go and pick up a car and then crawl around on the ground out to the study where we had tunnels set up for the cars to go in. In Coppelia’s room there was the ice cream shop where the cars would go for ice cream or donuts. We would then crawl over to Edric and Leighton’s room and see the large stuffed animals. When we circled back to Paxton and Caedmon’s room where we visited the space ship and even an alien. Mostly it was crawling around saying “vroom vroom” for a good 45 minutes but it was fun. Coppelia played some and at other times directed us with her baby doll in her arms. Afterwards we set up a huge obstacle course in the playroom and ran all over. It was just a fun and relaxing time playing with the kids and I love times like that.