The Final Mile….

Last Saturday morning I completed my 1000 running mile for the year. It took a couple weeks longer this past year that last year but it’s only my second year that I’ve hit 1000. Some miles were on the road, some on the trail, a few during races, some on the treadmill in the hours before the sun came up or late at night before a night shift or when the wind was too strong or the temperature too low. I’ve done miles running around the parking lot at the urgent care I work at and through the hallways upstairs from the urgent care when it’s been too dark or cold to go outside. None of my miles were very fast, they never are but each one offered a chance to relax, refocus, pray, and push my body, mind, and emotions closer to health. It’s been a journey towards 1000 and in the early hours of 2020 I will start my next 1000.