Mother’s Day 2020

We had a pretty low key Mother’s Day which was really nice. I have worked the last few so it was nice to be off and get to enjoy the day. The kids made a number of cards and pictures for me which was really sweet. I’m pretty sure Coppelia used up our entire supply of envelopes. Leighton used Clint’s tools and made me a really nice board to hang in my room with Psalm 119:103 written on it which was really sweet. Together with Clint they got me a pair of boots to wear in the garden and bee area. Church delivered flower pots for them to make and plant some flowers in which they had a lot of fun making. After online church we headed to my parents house for lunch and my brother and sister in law with their new baby came. We kept our distance from them just to make sure we didn’t spread any germs. My parents have been around us and are very comfortable with all the precautions that I take at work. We spent the afternoon playing in the yard and just enjoying the day. We finished the day with a game of Codenames which was fun. It was a great day and I am so thankful for each of my blessings that make me a mom and so thankful for the great relationship I have with my mom!