This month as we reflect on the year and our lives we are doing a thankfulness bucket at our house. In reality its a thankfulness popcorn bowl but it works. At least once a day usually during lunch or dinner we go around the table and ask everyone one thing that they are thankful for. The first couple days it was the easy things like “family”, “mommy and daddy”, etc etc. But we are trying to get the kids (and ourselves) to look and think beyond the immediate things and what are some other things that they are thankful for. We have started getting responses like “family nights and game times” and “the neighborhood we live in with all the fun friends” and then the other evening Coppelia said “mommy and daddy’s pajamas”. Turns out she’s a big fan of the warm one piece fuzzy jammies that we wear when its cold. Mine is a dragon with wings (the kids actually believe that I can fly) and Clint’s is a panda so we are styling on the cold evenings. It fun, and its been really sweet to stop and take some time to be thankful this month, we have so much to be thankful for and sometimes we just need those reminders.