Happy 3rd Birthday Paxton!

On Sunday we celebrated Paxton turning 3! He knew the day was all about him too. And in case he forgot Coppélia sang Happy To You (her version of Happy birthday) to him all day long (VERY LOUDLY).

After getting ready for church he opened his gift from Clint’s parents which was a big truck that had little trucks on its back and made all sorts of noise. He loves all things truck and immediately fell in love with it.

He also opened the little bike that we got him. He has amazing balance and has been coasting on the strider bike without difficulty. He had a little trouble figuring out the pedals but I don’t think it will take him long and he will be zooming down the street.

For lunch my parents and brother and his fiancé came over (also to celebrate my moms birthday and Father’s Day a week early). We had birthday cake and it was so much fun to see Paxton’s face light up with the cake. He got a book from my parents and money for his college fund which is so needed. My brother got him some spray chalk. The kids have a chalk board wall in their playhouse that Clint and my dad built and so that will be very well used.

Paxton also opened a gift a couple of weeks ago when it arrived from his foster family. I have recently been able to be in contact with them and send the photos and updates and they have sent letters and the present as well. They loved him so much and took such amazing care of him. Their love helped shape him into the happy little boy that he is today. They sent him some super cute clothes, shoes and a wonderful coat.

Paxton has been such a blessing to our family. His smile lights up the room and he is not afraid of anything and yet very tender hearted. He is a little mischievous and one can’t help but smile and giggle whenever he laughs. He brings joy wherever he goes. I pray that his birth mom would be comforted and know that he is deeply loved and such a blessing in our lives.