Bolder Boulder 2018

This past Monday on Memorial Day we ran the Bolder Boulder, it was my 6th (I think), Leighton’s 4th, Clint’s 2nd, and Caedmon’s 1st. Leighton and I ran together because he qualified for a faster wave and Clint and Caedmon went together. It was the perfect running day as well, it started out cool and didn’t get too hot which was really nice

I didn’t actually get many photos of Leighton during the race because we were running…In fact I just got one at the start and one once we crossed the finish line. He was hoping to beat 1 hour but just missed it coming in at 1:06. He got 3 marshmallows and did 2 slip-n-slides along the way so he still had fun. He’s grown so much and ended up finishing 23rd out of 227 8-year-old boys which is pretty awesome.

After he and I finished we met up with some people I work with, we ended up with 35 people running that either work in the ER or are a family member of one of us. It was fun to see each other outside of work and celebrate our runs.

Caedmon had a lot of fun….and took his time…like 2 hours and 25 minutes. But he had cotton candy, 2 popsicles, some chips, a marshmallow or two and drinks from every aide station. He also stopped and watched most of the bands playing songs, his favorite was the “cow band” as he called them. He really liked the belly dancers as well. Clint said he carried him on his back a good part of the way, but according to Caedmon he “ran most of it and daddy only helped a little”.

We stayed and watched the Memorial Day Tribute which always brings tears to my eyes as I reflect on all the men and women who have served so that we have the freedoms that we have today. Each of the military flags were parachuted in with the final flag being the US flag.

It was a great day and a great race. Looking forward to next year already!