Hiking On The Yurt Trip….

It kind of amazes me how the kids woke up super exicted to go hiking every morning at the yurt and then we got oh all of about 10 feet on a hike and suddenly everyone was tired/hungry/etc etc…. Not quite sure how that works.

Actually though we had a great time hiking, even if there was an occasional bribe and the reminder that while they may be dying of exhaustion they were just running up the trail at full speed without any signs of tiredness not more than 30 seconds ago.

Of course every great hike requires hiking sticks….and if they are at least twice your size and weight they are obviously way better than any possible normal size stick that would be of actual use. Also if one of your brothers or sister happens to be in possession of a stick then it is clearly WAY better than the identical stick that you have with you.

Also if the trail is totally clear of all sorts of mud/poop/mess of some sort except a small out of the way impossible to get to area, then that is exactly the area that you need to head too. And if mom shows you how to walk on the logs to get across the river it is best if you do exactly the opposite and try and fall in on both sides at least to your knees.

And of course if mom tries to get any sort of group photo of everyone it is important that at least one but ideally two are not looking, pushing their brother, lifting their shirt up, hiding, running away, or somehow else not assisting with said process.

Any form of water means that everyone must stop and throw rocks in. And sticks. And leaves. And ideally not a sibling.

And if it takes over an hour and a half one way on a trail….it will only take 30 minutes going back the other way if you promise PB&J sandwhiches back at the yurt if you ever make it back.

Despite all these rules that my kids followed to a T, we had a great time, and really it’s just about getting out and enjoying nature and this great world that God has created for us to explore.