Happy 13th Hike

So I’m a little behind on my blog but on June 11th Clint and I celebrated 13 years of marriage!

IMG_7375 (1)

In true form we decided on going on a 10 mile hike because that’s what we do. The kids stayed the night before with my parents and we were out the door before 6AM to hit the trail early. We chose to do Ouzel Lake. We had hiked to Ouzel Falls a number of times but for various reasons each time had never made it all the way to the lake. It was a gorgeous day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Also there were a number of wild flowers blooming along the trail which was awesome. The hike is one of my favorites because along the way there are a number of different waterfalls and it seems at almost every turn something catches your eye.

We enjoyed the lake at the top for awhile and munched on our dried fruit and nuts.

When we got to the bottom again we headed into Estes Park for lunch and then finished lunch off with large yummy cookies because that’s the best way to finish any hike. I’ve been so blessed to spend the last 13 years with Clint by my side and I look forward to many more years and hikes and cookies!

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