Family Hike….

So this is a little out of order but it’s because we spent last weekend at Korea Heritage Adoption camp and many of my photos from that are on my camera which I haven’t downloaded yet, so as a result I’m jumping ahead to our after camp hike and the photos I have of that on my phone.

Sunday morning we finished up camp with fun family games and closing ceremonies and then we drove not far from camp to do a family hike to a waterfall. I grew up doing the same hike (which when I was young I thought was at least 5 miles one way-its really only 1.5 miles) when my family visited the area. We ate our PB&J sandwiches and then headed out. The weather looked iffy at best, but we had talked to the kids already that sometimes you just have to hike in the rain and pretend that you are a duck.

The kids had a blast, they found all sorts of rocks to throw in the little stream along the path. Edric had hurt his leg right before camp and so he was slow going but he actually did pretty well. The one who actually surprised me was Coppelia because usually when we go on walks at home she gets to the end of our driveway and then tells me that she’s tired and wants up. She actually toddled right along.

We didn’t actually make it to the end of the hike to the waterfall, we were only about 10 minutes away from the end, but the clouds opened up on us and not only rained but poured. And poured and poured. We found a dry spot under a tree and huddled there for a bit but instead of letting up it just rained all the more. At least 1/2 the kids were shivering and so we decided to skip the top and just head down.

Everyone had great attitudes still but then Paxton got tired and just was done. I had the back carrier and put him in that and he almost instantly fell asleep. When we weren’t too far from the Coppelia also decided she was done, Clint picked her up and she also almost instantly fell asleep in his arms.

We made it back to the van, cold and wet but still smiling (those that were awake at least). We headed back to our cabin and took warm baths/showers and put our jammies on (even though it was 3 in the afternoon) and had a relaxing evening just playing games and such together.