Running Along


I’m still running. Which is good since that 1/2 marathon is getting closer and closer. With the spring coming it has been so good to get outside and see everything and I’m feeling stronger each week. 

I’m not going to lie. There are times that I have to walk. Not for long, a few steps here, a few steps there. And that’s not all bad. In the past when I’ve trained I’ve become frustrated with myself and then that spirals downwards and I’m ready to throw in the towel. This year I’m trying to give myself a little more grace, walking is still moving, still covering the distance and not an evil. I walk less with each run, and I remind myself, I work crazy hours, chase two little boys around all day, and sometimes I’m just beat, so at mile 4 walking a few steps is ok. 

On one of my recent runs it was just Caedmon and I and when we passed the park a little after mile 4 to get to find the bathroom (always need a bathroom at mile 4!) he saw the park and said “Slide?”. So I after making a pit stop we finished out another mile and half and then played in the park for a bit which was great for both of us.

IMG_7857  IMG_7858  IMG_7860

This past week was spring break and we didn’t run much at the beginning of the week because we had family in town but got two good runs in at the end of the week. Rather I should say I got two good runs in while Clint pushed 70+ pounds of stroller and kids up a number of hills. Oh well, at least the views were great and I wasn’t the one pushing the stroller! 🙂


So as the weeks count down and the miles go up, I’ll keep going one step at a time and enjoying the views along the way.

IMG_7987  IMG_7984