Edric’s 5th Package


Another family is traveling to Korea to meet their little one and have their court appearance and so they have volunteered to take a package for us. I really had to pack this zip lock baggie to get everything to fit (I actually had to tape the top in order to keep it from splitting open).

It’s getting to be Spring in Korea and so it was time to send a little spring coat. Both the boys wore this coat when they were little and it is still in amazingly good shape. With the bright yellow everyone should see him coming! I also included two of my favorite little outfits, one that is a one piece shirt and pants (the green/stripe outfit) that is super cute and comfy. I also included a little pair of jeans and a onesie with little animals on it.

My mom was busy last weekend making two little blankets for Edric. I included the first in this package, it has frogs on one side and then blue and peach and green and yellow design on the other. I included a note to tell Foster Mom that Edric’s grandma (or “Honey” as the boys call her) made that just for him. 

Also included a little car, as well as some soaps and lotion for Edric. I put a little chocolate candy bar that we got when we toured the Hammond’s candy factory last week for foster mom.


I made a photo book with the help of shutterfly and put that in there. I finally included some photos of me in my glasses, I wear them at home all the time and realized that Edric hasn’t seen me in them and want to get him use to that. Photos are funny, I always think I have to look my best in order to have one taken (little pride on my part) but realized he’s going to see me in the day in and day out and that’s what he needs photos of because as a mommy I’m usually not looking my best 95% of the time and that’s ok. 

IMG_7992   IMG_7990  IMG_7991

And so another package is sent. Hopefully he’ll know the love and hugs that we send with it as we continue to pray that it will soon be us traveling over and not a gallon size baggie to meet him.