Paxton-11 Months Home!

Paxton has been home 11 months! We will soon be celebrating 1 year home and his family day! It’s crazy to think that it has almost been a year, but it is also hard to remember what life was like before this little guy joined our family.  This evening when I was writing on the dry erase board he knew what was going on and said “Yeah, Paxton’s turn for picture”.

IMG_6073 (2)

He may be small but he is mighty and strongly believes that he can do anything and everything that his big brothers do. He loves to climb on things and it is hard to have him stay still in order to get a photo. He loves his trucks and cars and also loves to “help” with anything he can, even if his help isn’t really help.

IMG_5894 (2)

He has been rocking the potty training as well and we are slowly reaching the finish line of being diaper free after almost 9 years…he still has a little to go but we have made great progress over the past month.

IMG_5962 (2)

He is still fully 2 and likes to have his own way and will quickly let you know if he is unhappy. He can turn the tears on and can also turn them right off. He is not a fan of sharing, especially if it is with his little sister. And the word “no” is not something he likes either.

IMG_5923 (2)

Paxton loves to be tickled and all in all despite his “terrible twos” is an easy going and silly little guy who has filled our home and lives with lots of laughter and snuggles!

IMG_6057 (2)