Coppelia-10 Months Home!

Coppelia has been home for 10 months! (and a couple of days). Her language and speech are improving with each day, she is starting to put two words together more often and we have really been working on that. Her words aren’t all that clear most of the time but they are becoming more and more clear with each day.


She loves to help cook and bake. Whenever we are making dinner or a meal she pulls up a stool to stand on and “help”. I think mostly she helps so she can eat whatever is being made, but she really enjoys it. We have a drawer with little bowls and spoons and cooking supplies that are all kid friendly that the kids use.


She also really adores Leighton. All the kids do really but she loves to be his little buddy and hold his hand and she lets him put her in bed at night and read an extra book to her while we are getting the others settled in bed. It’s been so fun watching Leighton grow in his role as a big brother.


She is still fully 2 years old and has her own opinions and is quick to tell us “no” about whatever it is that we ask that she doesn’t want. She is throwing less tantrums lately but does like to test and push the boundaries sometimes. Life with 2 year olds is always interesting, especially with two of the together. It has been so amazing to watch over the past 10 months this little girl who was so upset and mad and sad and grieving so hard come alive and laugh and smile and tease and become a part of our family. We are so thankful she is part of us.