Paxton-7 Months Home!

Last week we celebrated Paxton being home for 7 months. The weather was not very nice outside and he was rather crabby from his nap when he woke up so we took the photo inside. 
Paxton loves playing outside. He loves playing and riding in the red truck. He also loves riding his little strider bike. He has got amazing balance and I think if the bike had petals he would be petaling along by now. We spend a lot of time outside and so far this fall we have had really nice weather…I think that will change soon but we will still maximize our time outside with lots of layers on. He also loves reading “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site” and whispers to each of the trucks in the book as they go to sleep.

On his bike
Riding in the truck

There are few things that Paxton does not like…however vegetables are one of them. One night we were having green beans for dinner and conveniently all the green beans that were on his plate somehow ended up next to his plate…I think his face was trying to look as innocent as possible when I caught him with them but I was not to convinced. 

Paxton has also fully embraced being two and not getting his way results in everyone around knowing just how upset that makes him. Often it is over silly things, as it is with most two year olds. Just this morning he had huge tears and was very upset because Caedmon wouldn’t let him have the tooth he just lost or the 4 quarters he got from the tooth fairy for said tooth. It was quite traumatic in his little world.

Our lives are full and busy but lots of fun and we are so thankful we get to spend our days with this little guy.